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Power Quad

  • Prism 3.1 Power Foil in flight.
    $375.95 $334.95 Prism Tensor 3.1 Power Kite
    The smallest of three sizes, the Tensor 3.1 is a beautifully-constructed and versatile power kite for land-based kite traction sports and all-around fun. It will fly easily in 3-4mph with minimal pull, start to develop power...

  • Prism 4.2 Power Foil in flight.
    $439.00 $378.95 Prism Tensor 4.2 Power Kite
    The Tensor 4.2 is our most versatile wing for land-based kite traction and all-around fun, with the widest useful wind range of the three Tensor models. It flies easily in as little as 2mph, produces useable power from about...

  • Prism 5.0 Power Foil in flight.
    $499.00 $446.95 Prism Tensor 5.0 Power Kite
    The Tensor 5.0 is the big daddy of our three Tensor power kites, with the stump-pulling power to get you up and going on snow or in lighter winds where a smaller kite just won’t get it done. It will fly easily in 2mph,...

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